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Robust & Life Compact Pte Ltd (Parent Company of SOD Café).

Established in 1986, Robust & Life Compact is a Singapore company dedicated to attain the finest tea ingredient to benefit the wellbeing of every customer for the past 25 years. The company’s legend began with the SOD Tea Series which contains Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD), an antioxidant that can neutralize many types of free radicals in the human body. The SOD Tea was an instant hit in Singapore domestic market. Encouraged, the company extended the product series from the Original SOD Tea to Lemon SOD Tea, So Slim SOD Tea, Brown Rice Signature Tea and Tongkat Ali SOD Tea. 


Today, Robust & Life Compact’s presence can be seen in several parts of Asia, and is recognized as a leader in the local wellness industry. Devoted to allow everyone in Singapore the enjoyment of healthy lifestyle, the company ventures further into bubble tea business. On May 2011, the first SOD Café was established, and the company is delighted for more opportunities to serve our customers in many years to come. .


Now, all Singaporeans are able to enjoy the 1st healthy and premium SOD bubble tea series at SOD Cafe © in Singapore which is a joint-collaboration by both Singapore organizations, SOD Cafe LLP and Food Innovation Resources Centre.



What’s inside our bubble tea? What’s the difference between our bubble tea and other café’s bubble tea? 


Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)

Developed in Singapore by Robust & Life Compact, it’s an anti-oxidant that helps to remove toxins, prevent and neutralize free radicals that damage our body. It also boosts our immune system. The main ingredient is top grade Aspalathus Linearis, which is 100% organic and natural. 


Aware of the wide range of unhealthy bubble teas in Singapore market, SOD Café recognize the need to provide and cater to everyone in Singapore the benefit of healthy bubble teas with the content of SOD. Let’s look at the following diagram to understand why you should choose SOD Bubble Tea. 


Why Choose SOD in Bubble Tea?

SOD is commonly known as SuperOxide Dismutase. 

  • - Helps to remove toxins in our body, prevent and neutralize free radicals that damage our body.
  • - Caffeine-free unlike other bubble tea brands. Hence, it will not affect sleep 
  • - Preservative free
  • - No artificial coloring
  • - Specially blended for boosting immune system
  • - Low sugar level as compared to other bubble tea brands as we do not need to cover the strong, bitter taste of caffeine


 Health Benefits In SOD

  • - Neutralize and reduce free radicals damage
  • - Improves metabolism
  • - Supports the immune and digestive system
  • - Relieves fatigue and body aches 
  • - Aids sleep
  • - Maintains body's PH balance level
  • - Caffeine-free


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        OUR VISION

        To be the leading healthy bubble tea café in Singapore Market.


        To provide specialized premium and healthy bubble tea series with excellent services, so as to distinguish our uniqueness from the mass market in Singapore.